• Every colleague I’ve met at 17LIVE is amazing. We enjoy taking on challenges to break out of our comfort zones - and we strive to work creatively to grow the company.

    Vic (VIP Online Event Planning Specialist)
  • People working here are like partners or friends, supporting each other through everything. It is fantastic that we work together for the best of the company while still being able to present our different talents on our personal stages.

    Shy (Marketing Specialist)
  • At 17LIVE, we do things “together”: we generate ideas together, we solve problems together, and we push for the best results together!

    Momo (Designer)
  • We work at a fast pace but embrace challenges with enthusiasm and joy. It’s like having adventures together, with everyone pushing to be their best!

    Linda (Marketing Specialist)
  • Working for 17LIVE is as exciting as riding on a rocket ship! We face new challenges every day on our mission, which I find very inspiring.

    Jasper (Front-End Developer)
  • I love that I get the chance to work with talented people from various fields to solve challenging issues daily. We also have great benefits and a flexible work schedule. 17LIVE is a fantastic place to work at, for people who want to develop their professional skills and have an unforgettable experience.

    Hannah (Marketing Specialist)
  • 17LIVE is a dynamic family: We work hard towards the same goal: To create a brand new era for media in Asia!

    DaDa (VIP Specialist)
  • 17LIVE truly feels like a big family to me. People working here are willing to help each other and there’s a great spirit of teamwork. It’s this spirit that brings out our best talents and results!

    Flora (BD Specialist)