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Unicorn Entertainment is an artist agency under M17. It aims to discover and train performers with star potential, whether they are idols, entertainers, models or emerging artists, all have the opportunity to move from the small screen to the big stage and step into the limelight.
One example is M17’s TV talent show "Super 17 Girls,” which was produced by B2 Studio and initially broadcast on CTI Television. The show auditioned hundreds of female contestants and selected 18 trainees in total. After three months of intensive dance, singing, and other talent coaching, they traveled to South Korea to undergo further instruction at FNC Entertainment’s FNC GTC Training Center. Upon their return to Taiwan, the contestants competed against one another while accumulating points over the course of the show. Each week, viewers watched as trainees who missed the mark were eliminated one by one. Those who made the cut would be awarded a contract with a record label, and the coveted role as an M17 spokesperson. The winners of the first season were artists Kimi, Yun, Christine, and Wei, who banded together to form hot new girl group IVI, a pop sensation in Taiwan.

Unicorn Entertainment joined forces with M17 to create a brand new reality-based entertainment industry. Unicorn Entertainment’s artist roster currently includes solo artist Nicky Lee, pop group IVI, and more. 

Unicorn Entertainment’s Nicky Lee is extremely popular with younger fans thanks to his exceptional vocals, his likable personality, and hilarious antics.
Unicorn Entertainment has a spacious dance studio in Xinyi District, Taipei City for its artists to train and become better performers.
Nicky Lee’s new album “Will You Remember” rekindles the thrill that Mandopop fans have been eagerly seeking for the last seven years.
IVI, the girl band from TV talent show "Super 17 Girls,” releases their all-new EP “All For Love.”
Nicky Lee’s rich and magnetic new English single “Stay" touches on the many ups and downs of life’s delicate transitions.
Nicky Lee’s new music video for his Mandarin single “Will You Remember Me” moves fans with its cinematic, movie-like production and his soulful singing.