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17 Media is a live streaming app and social networking platform. Whether you’re a celebrity, an expert in your field, an internet sensation, or just an amateur artist, 17 Media welcomes you to stream live, film your own show, and share your daily life with global viewers who can access, share, and interact with the content in real time. Currently, 17 Media’s global users have exceeded 33 million and they produce 10,000 hours of content every day.

17 Media has created a new form of real-time media for a new generation. Each live stream artist has a unique stage to share his or her talents, creative ideas, food, travel, makeup tutorials, or pets anytime, anywhere. With entertaining content and the courage let the world in, anyone can be an influencer. 
17 Media is one of the top social networking platforms available. Through an engaging yet simple video streaming app, you can stay connected to your friends, accrue fans, and see your friends' status updates at any time. The platform allows you to live stream, chat, leave comments on photos, send gifts, share your feelings, and interact with other users. Our dedicated censorship team filters inappropriate content from the platform to ensure the site stays safe and accessible to all viewers. Updated gifting capabilities and platform stability fixes are made available every week, so that the app is always well-oiled and up to date. Profit-sharing allows live streamers to collaborate while splitting revenue, and opens up new opportunities in the market.

Founded in Taiwan in 2015, 17 Media took just 248 days to exceed 10 million downloads, becoming one of the top apps in the US, Hong Kong and Indonesia App Stores with nearly one million daily active users. 17 Media has established a diversified presence in the media market, providing direct audio and streaming content for a new generation.

In addition to maintaining its current rich content output, 17 Media has integrated its live streaming, dating, entertainment, and eSports resources to create a self-realized social entertainment platform. It also founded the Golden Feather Awards (GFA) for live streaming, comparable in caliber to the Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and Golden Melody Awards, with the intent of the GFA becoming the fourth major golden award show in the entertainment industry. It is also committed to solidifying its relationship with partners, continuously enhancing the content and quality of the platform, and actively expanding its overseas team. 17 Media currently has operating branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia.

In a new era of mobile communications, 17 Media brings streaming audio and video to life, connecting the world and bringing people closer together.
17 media's in-house engineering team is constantly innovating and developing new technologies that provide a full range of comprehensive services.
17 Media creates a personal stage where anyone can be in the spotlight as long as he or she dares to produce content.
17 Media regularly hosts a number of exciting live online events for users to interact that are chock full of unexpected surprises.
2017 In Review: From live streaming, 17Q, 2017 Christmas Party, and holding the first ever Golden Feather Awards (GFA), 17 Media has been there beside you for each wonderful moment.
Anyone can be a star! 17 Media is the dream stage for you to exhibit your talents, passions, and to create your own shining 17 moments.