M17 Entertainment and Avex Partner to Discover Japan’s Next Generation Star


TOKYO, May 24, 2018 – M17 Entertainment Limited (“M17 Entertainment” or the “Company”), operator of the largest live streaming platform for developed Asian markets, and Avex Inc., Japan’s leading entertainment production company, have announced a partnership to audition and find Japan’s next generation star.

M17 Entertainment’s live streaming platform 17 Live will hold a competition from May 27 to June 23 to discover top talent on the platform. The top streamer, or “Liver,” in Japan will win a special scholarship to attend the Avex Artist Academy, which serves as a key training ground and center for discovering and developing new artists in Japan. The competition winner will have free access to top rated vocal and dance lessons provided by Avex Artist Academy advisors and artists, compete in skills competitions and will perform in a future Avex event.

In a press event to announce the competition, Livers “Shipitan” and “Rio” from 17 Live appeared alongside celebrity guest DJ KOO, leader of Japanese pop group TRF. During the event, DJ KOO conducted a live streaming chat with his fans and showed off his DJ skills. DJ KOO also viewed and participated in live stream sessions with Shipitan and Rio and commented on the interaction offered by the live streaming format: “I love how each Liver would react to my likes and comments. I found the interaction and platform so addicting. Live streaming allows us to engage directly with fans and let our real selves out.”


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