M17 Entertainment's Japanese branch officially launched, 17 Media app users reach 30M


Taiwan’s M17 Entertainment has announced today that its 17 Media Japanese branch, 17 Media Japan, has started operating. The branch aims to recruit local talents to build a Japanese team and to make Japan’s live streaming industry more versatile and competitive.

17 Media’s global users reach 30M

17 Media was once ranked #1 in the social networking app category in Japan’s App Store. Feeling optimistic and confident in Japan’s live streaming media services, M17 Entertainment co-founder and CEO Joseph Phua (潘杰賢) said, “Japan’s live streaming market is quite unlike Taiwan’s, in which multiple key players are active. Therefore, this is the perfect timing for us to start our business expansion in Japan. We will replicate our success in Taiwan live streaming and set eyes on becoming the pioneer in live streaming services here in Japan.”

According to 17 Media’s founder Jeffrey Huang (黃立成), “We are very proud of what we have achieved in Japan so far, and we are very excited about entering the Japanese market. Japan has great potentials, and we strongly believe that 17 Media will become one of the most dominant live streaming media platforms in Japan.”

17 Media has around 30,000 active users every month and the platform creates 10,000 hours of content. M17 Entertainment will continue to show its spirit in creating a new media generation, to discover and develop more in-depth, more culture-based content for each country, and to secure its place in the Asian entertainment market.

17 Media now has operating branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia.


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