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About M17
What is the history behind 17 Media and where is the name M17 derived from?
M17 Entertainment Group was founded in 2017 and 17 Media was founded in 2015 to enable users around the world to stream live, watch broadcasts online, and engage with each other through a simple app, which now has more than 40 million members worldwide.
The name “17” comes from the similarly-sounding Chinese phrase “together,” which symbolizes a new generation of the internet that can come together anytime, anywhere through the social platform that is M17.
What purpose does M17 serve?
M17 provides a brand new mode of communication. No matter who you are, or which corner of the world you reside in, you can connect with anyone through M17’s media platform to showcase your talents and passions, realize your dreams, and construct your own infinitely wonderful life.
Where is M17 headquartered?
17 Media’s global headquarters is located in Taipei City. The location is ideal in combining the advantages of Taiwan's electronics manufacturing and digital media industries, and allows M17 to secure a foothold in Taiwan while still maintaining a global perspective.
Which countries are M17 in?
17 Media is committed to strengthening its partnership and is always working to improve the content and quality of its platform. It is actively expanding in overseas markets and developing local talent. It currently has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia.
How many full-time employees does M17 have globally?
M17 has approximately 400 on-staff employees worldwide.
Our Business
What are M17’s core products and services?
Please see Products & Service.
What are M17’s aspirations and goals?
Please see Core Values & Business Concept.
Who is M17's main demographic?
M17’s target audience is the new generation of mobile network users who connect with the world through real-time audio and video, and help open a new global vision.
Job Opportunities
What kinds of job opportunities can M17 provide?
M17 includes live audio and video broadcast, online artist representation, star training, content production, and more. Between our engineering department, art design, public relations marketing, event planning, eSports, etc., there are countless opportunities for skilled individuals to fine their most suitable role at M17.
What kinds of traits does M17 look for in an employee?
We need media leaders for a new generation of audio visual media, who have a broad vision in digital globalization, are adept at operating online mobility tools, are passionate, and have the courage to dream boldly. We are looking for reliable partners who can help us build the dream. 
Contact Us
Customer Service Questions
Please see our Contact Us page to get in touch.
Work With Us
For media and marketing opportunities, please contact:marketing@17.media
For individual live streamers and agencies with talent inquiries, please contact:talent@17.media
Brands and advertisers with questions regarding business opportunities, please contact:biz@17.media
For enquiries regarding M17 Online/Offline events and sweepstakes, please contact:event@17.media
Producers and content providers who wish to inquire about M17 talent participation, please contact:17tv@17.media